Where do my students take the LAS test?

There is an app on student computers and Chromebooks called DRC Insight Online Assessments. Click on the App, open the Test link and enter the username and password.

Which LAS Links Tests do I have to score?

The only tests that you have to score are the Speaking and Writing Tests. The Listening and Reading tests are scored by DRC.

What headphones can I use?

The headphones that work best are the headphones that you used for TELPAS. These have a USB connection. You may have to configure the headphones in "Recording Devices." I had to do that a couple of times to headphones that were not recording on the DRC Insight App.

What if my student computers do not have the DRC Insight App?

Our Technology department pushed out the app to student computers and Chromebooks. But if a couple of yours were missed, simply call 240-1111 and ask them to install the app for you.