Annual Review LPAC

Follow this checklist to achieve perfect Assessment Decision LPACs.   


 1) Train all LPAC members.  This includes certified bilingual or ESL teachers, Special Ed. resource teachers and other Administrators on your campus.    Make  

      sure they sign in.  

 2) Use the EB Reclassification criteria chart to identify students with the Potential to Exit. (PTE) 

        3)  Send Reclassification Rubrics to teachers for the PTE students. 

4)  Schedule and Conduct Annual Review LPACs for all EB students including served EB students, parental denials, and Monitors.

 5Submit all LPAC minutes as one document to the LPAC Bank.

Communicating Program Change

Obtain updated parental consent* for students undergoing a program change, such as 4th-grade students transitioning from a bilingual program to an ESL program due to district policy.


1) Identify the PTE students who indeed met reclassification criteria. 

2) Prepare the PEIMS Data Reclassification Form

3) Call or email parents to notify them of the students’ reclassification and exit*.

4) Pair both Forms and scan all forms as one document.

5) Submit the document to the MISD LPAC Bank under “Exit Letters”


1) If the exit process has not yet commenced at your campus, it is crucial to promptly obtain parental approval for the student's exit. Students are required  

              to continue participating in their bilingual or ESL program until parental approval for exit has been obtained.

       2) Within the first 30 calendar days of the school year, the Parent Notification on Student Progress form should be sent to parents of students who are 

          continuing in Bilingual or ESL programs, as well as parents who have denied participation in these programs. 

       3) Communicate with counselors and office staff who are responsible for creating schedules for students entering their first year of monitoring in order to 

             ensure accurate scheduling. 

* Parental approval of program exit can be obtained in writing, through a documented phone conversation, or by e-mail that is documented in writing and retained.

        If you are at a campus with a small number of EBs and have limited LPAC members, the same teacher can sign for all students.